Are You a Public Speaker? So What? by Orly AmorMost speakers fail to make money at public speaking because they don’t know how to do the business of public speaking. It does not mean that they are bad speakers. They could be very good at delivering and have a great message.

So, let’s play a game, shall we? I know you are not going to be able to close your eyes to imagine what I’m going to say to you, but physically imagine this:

You and I are going to open a store. We find a small, affordable space. We are going to need a key to the front door. We need a security system. We need a bank account. We will need a cash register. We need a credit card reader. We will need a sign on the door. Can you “see” it?

Oh, and did I tell you what we are selling? . . . No? . . . Well, that is the business of public speaking.

To get hired as a public speaker, you need an infrastructure. You also need the right forms laid out in the right way. Do you know what a speaker sheet is? Do you know the science behind the speaker sheet? You can spend large sums of money having someone design a speaker sheet for you, but it won’t guarantee that you will be hired.

It is also important to find your ‘Niche-Title,’ something that I created that sets you apart and makes you unique and desirable as a speaker.   

For example, ten people who speak about blogging contact an event planner. They all have an amazing message, but yet they all speak about blogging. As the planner is looking through the potential speakers, she/he sees one called The Creative Blog Speaker. I call this a ‘Niche-Title.’ The event planner is intrigued. “Blogs are written, not spoken, so what does this title mean? How can this person speak a blog?” The planner picks up the phone to call and get more information, because the ‘Niche-Title’ suggests that this speaker will intrigue and entertain the planner’s audience. It is highly probable that this speaker will get this job.

And if I can be so bold, that’s my genius, finding speaker’s their ‘Niche-Title.’


Orly Amor


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