The 6-Second Miracle by Orly Amor{4:18 minutes to Read}  Most people give up too easily and miss what could be a big reward or big pay-day.

I hear it all the time “I don’t like Selling.” But let’s face it, whether we sell our product to a potential buyer, our services to a potential client, or ourselves to other people to build relationships, we sell all day, everyday. The truth is, it’s not so much that we don’t like selling, as much as it is that we don’t like rejection.

Here is food for thought and one of my favorite stories.

There was a King who decided to test his people’s ability to find solutions to problems, as well as their willingness to change their circumstances.

In the middle of the road that led to the palace, where all the catered service merchants would walk every day, the King placed a huge boulder. The King then watched to see his people’s reactions.

– Some people complained that the King did not adequately maintain the road and called him disgraceful.

– Some just walked around the boulder, complaining and grumbling under their breath.

– Others just walked around it with no reaction.

One fruit and vegetable merchant was traveling with his cart full of produce. When he saw the boulder, he stopped. Resting his cart carefully on the ground, he started to push the boulder with all his might. Passersby walked right by him and not one offered to help. The merchant was patient and continued to slowly push the boulder and eventually he was able to move the boulder out of the way.

When he turned around to where the boulder had been, he found a purse. He picked it up and looked inside to find many gold coins with a note that said: “This purse containing 100 gold coins belongs to the person who moved the boulder to clear the road.

The moral of this story is — not everything is easy. Getting booked as a speaker is super rewarding, but it takes work. You must have patience when prospecting. You must have all the right documents to market yourself properly, and you must display the good etiquette of follow-up and follow-through.

Most salespeople and speakers alike get bored with the Marketing plan and give up too fast because they want instant results.

The 6-Second Miracle

There was a man who got a tip about a lucrative gold deposit in Montana. He sold everything he had, bought the land that contained the deposit, moved his family to Montana, and started to dig. He dug for days, weeks, months, years. The hole kept getting deeper and deeper, but no gold. After years and years of back-breaking work, he decided the tip about the gold had been a bogus one, so he threw in the towel. He sold the property and moved his family back to his hometown.

The new owner of the property had also heard the rumor about the gold. He was amazed at the size of the hole in his yard. Out of simple curiosity, he took his pick into the hole and began digging. After 6 seconds, he unearthed something shiny. He had found the leading edge of the gold deposit.

If you have a message, someone is willing to pay for it. The money is there. Don’t give up before your 6-second miracle!


Orly Amor


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