Your Network is Your Net Worth by Orly AmorOh, we don’t need to network for public speaking because nobody is going to hire us at a networking event. Who is going to hire us? Who is going to help us get gigs?”

{3:24 minutes to read}  Just like calling event planners or going after your niche market, you have to know how to network in order to get people to talk about you and what you do.

Networking is about building relationships and becoming a resource for the people you are meeting.

Most public speakers think networking is a waste of time. They know it is something they are supposed to be doing, but don’t know why. And they think it’s a good opportunity to collect business cards, but they are awful at follow-up and follow-through for creating relationships. Public speakers who think this way are not only missing the point, they are missing opportunities to get hired.

 – How often should I be out there?

– What should I be talking about?

– How should I present myself?

– What should I be saying as a follow up?

– How can I get business out of networking?

Depending on where you go for networking and who you are networking with or talking to, you should decide beforehand what you want to say about yourself.  At the end of the day, what do I want to promote at this event?

For example, If I’m talking to business owners at a business event (B to B), I want to promote the public speaker.

If I’m on a Business to Consumer (B to C) event, I want to tell people that I’m a business coach for public speakers. This will usually elicit a response of: “Oh, what is that? Do you teach people how to speak?” I say no, and respond that I teach the business side of public speaking and that I show speakers how to make money!

Networking 101

The process is relatively simple.  First, introduce yourself. Get a conversation going by asking how they heard about the event, or talk about the weather or some other current event. As the conversation gets going, at some point you want to ask: “How can I support you?”

The trick in networking is leaving the event being memorable to the people you have met.  It doesn’t matter who they are or what they do. What does matter is how you follow up and reinforce your willingness to help and support them.  If you are able to communicate that, they will want to help you, simply because of the law of reciprocity.

Remember, you are here to SERVE, not to SELL.


Orly Amor

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