You really want to be friends with and work with Orly. This gal will make your personal and business life better!
I don’t want to get all flowery with praise because then you wont believe my sincerity. But the fact is that Orly Amor can take an average speaker, and self described blowhard sales guy like me and turn me into a money making machine.
The problem is that I can’t even take any credit for it. Which kind of stinks. All I am doing is everything that she is telling me to do.
If I were you, I would book a 30 minute call with her. It’s FREE which is perfect for a cheapo like me.
Orly Amor I guess this is my odd way of saying thanks. You have changed my life for the better. Now, if it’s OK with you coach, I have to get on the phone and make some more speaking engagements!Dan Jourdan

Orly Amor – Speaker, Author, Trainer

Orly Amor is an internationally known speaker, business coach for public speakers, Networking Expert and author of several books. A visionary and a connector, Orly is passionate about helping people connect and build strategic alliances and their sphere of influence. Learn More About Orly →

Orly Helps People in 3 Ways: (Click the links below to learn more about each topic)
1. Business Coach for Public Speakers
2. Keynotes and Workshops
3. Master of Ceremony for Events & Award Ceremonies


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Do you want to live a happier, more successful life? In her new book, The 12 Powers We Hold Within, Certified Behavioral Analyst Orly Amor introduces us to the dual forces inside all of us that impact our lives and show us how to control them. The 12 Powers We Hold Within, from Global Mentor Center Publishing, is now available. Order your copy today and set yourself up for success!

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