Public Speakers, Coaches, and Authors: You Can Buy Stocks or Stock Up on Toilet Paper — Your Choice!

Posted on 31Mar

Public Speakers, Coaches, and Authors: You Can Buy Stocks or Stock Up on Toilet Paper — Your Choice!

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{5 minutes to read} The world is changing, and along with it the public speaking world. With the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic, live events have been cancelled or postponed, at least for the near-term, so what do we do? “We can go online and write/publish books.” Some speakers are saying they are going to take things online — do webinars, live streaming, etc., and according to a number of experts, maybe for the next few months this is not bad. That sounds great in theory, but if you’re going to build an online business then it’s going to take at least a year to get momentum and you’ll have to spend a lot of money on advertising. (Just ask anyone who has built a 7 figure online business.)

Switching to an online business is like Barnes & Noble selling books in their stores, but then trying to become Amazon overnight.

My mentor Berny Dohrmann, Founder of CEO Space, is talking about “pandemic prosperity planning” because we have to plan ahead now that a lot of live events are going to be postponed. Right now, everything and everyone is in panic mode, but we can prepare and continue as speakers by reaching out to live events online that people can attend with social distancing. We will be able to give information, do coaching, and give speeches, but from a different platform. Speaking will be a big, big, big thing if we plan correctly. 

When people are quarantined in their homes or working from home, they’re going to be downloading courses, hiring a coach and reading more books. Depending on how long it takes to conquer this virus, people are going to have lots of time on their hands. 

Another of my mentors, Craig Hampton, Past President for all of Europe with the Professional Speaking Association as well as an Executive Council member of its affiliated global organization and so much more, says the average reader only reads 16 pages out of a book — but this is going to change because people will have all the time in the world to read. So book writing and publishing is going to grow, but not make you any serious money, just create more followers “if you do this right.”

Once everything goes back to normal and live events begin again, they will have the people that followed them online and/or read their books come to their live events, to see them speak and buy their coaching program. 

Are you ready for what’s coming? Are you ready to make the switch? Do you have what it takes right now? Do you have all your ducks in a row? The public speaking industry has no choice but to change and provide for those who are seeking information and knowledge. Speakers can continue to make the same kind of money online and in live events, if they are prepared and have everything in place. 

A lot of speakers think that their message is great, and it may well be, but unfortunately, the business side is where they are lacking in knowledge, practice, and savoir-faire.

Berny Dohrmann is very well known for predicting the coming trends. He predicted the 5G craziness. The ads started recently and everybody’s switching and using 5G, but Berny spoke about it a year ago when he put out his book called Super Change: How to Survive and Thrive in an Uncertain Future. 

Speakers, coaches, and authors need to wake up! They don’t know what’s out there and don’t know how to navigate this industry, as you can read in my book. I want to tell them that there is a way to get through these uncertain times. You can be a part of the pandemic prosperity movement for the speaking, publishing and coaching industries and buy stocks on Wall Street, or you can continue to panic and stock up on toilet paper and other non-income producing activities.


Orly Amor

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